Birthday Festivities — A Leslie Knope Party

Hey lil mama, heres the hot goss.

I recently had my birthday week pass and it was a pretty nice one because it was a long weekend of “treat yo self”.

The day before the big day, I went and got myself a special foaming cleanser and skin peeling gel by OHUI and CARE ZONE respectively. I’ve only been using it for a few days now, but I can just FEEL I’m becoming a new person– mostly because the peeling gel is accelerating skin cell turn over on my face. On my birthday, I went to have a fancy schmancy lunch with my mom and made a pit stop at ULTA. In addition, my dad got me a Korean bakery style cake which was pretty good (all left overs were consumed by me straight off the platter — its my birthday what was I supposed to do??) Please take note of our colorful food adventure below.

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I mother fucking love ULTA. I can shop for drug store brand stuff like NYX and then go look at high end make up just by walking over to the other side of the store. What a time to be alive. I got a handful of new products (to be mentioned in a separate post) and I’m having fun trying them out!

The day after was one to remember. It was Parks and Rec themed!

First stop, WAFFLES.

FullSizeRender 4

Unlike Leslie, I opted for a more savory meal of chicken and waffles. It was cute, it was delicious, and I got to be with my personal Ben Wyatt.

Second stop, SCRAPBOOKING.

FullSizeRender 6.jpg
That is indeed the Mandalorian emblem
Today’s special activity was couples scrapbooking. As you all know, Leslie is a jack of all trades but jackiest of all trades, (oh wow. I won’t ever use that phrase again) is defs her  scrap booking.  It’s never come up in the show but you know damn well Ben got a crash course in scrapbooking. I wasn’t given any indication of what we’d be doing that day, but my money was on Color Me Mine (you go paint ceramic plates, cups, figures, etc, they glaze/fire it for you and a week later you get to take your creation home). My guy got crafty with it (see what I did there?!) and decided that scrapbooking posed less of risk to his hands getting wet with paint or sweat from the pressure of having to paint. I was gifted with a huge empty scrapbook, over a hundred printed photos spanning the last few years, and other art supplies. We don’t have any experience scrapbooking, but it was fun to slap pictures together loosely based on a theme and doodling all around the page.


This wasn’t a planned activity, but just like Leslie and Ben, we are also guilty of being sickening-ly lame in private.


I wanted to go to Sephora and pick up a gift my friend had bought me– the MILK Blur stick!


We also went into a Puzzle Zoo where the nerd inevitably came across the Star Wars section. After the year Ive been through, and the support I got from him, I figured he should get a gift too. So he got action-figure-comic-combo that I know nothing about, but he loves it which is all that matters.

I couldn’t care less about the zeitgeist.

I walked past a family eating fries somewhere along the Promenade and grew super duper envious. Like the birthday Tsar I am, I immediately barked that I demand french fries to be part of my dinner. Instantly, Fat Sals came to mind. It’s basically as close you’ll get to a Paunch Burger in health food crazed LA. They put french fries, mozzarella sticks, and chicken tenders IN their mother f-ing sammies. We got it as take out and inhaled our greasy lard bombs at home, while I introduced the magic that is the Goofy Movie to my sweetheart. Powerline is my JAM, BREAD, AND BUTTER.

22 was a rough chapter in my life. If this was police action movie, it would end with me in a wife beater, multiple cuts on my face, with a parks and rec themed itinerary.

Birthday haul coming next!!

xx, Hazel

P.S. I met Lil Sebastian at the Pawnee Harvest Festival






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