Update: New Bullet Journal Supplies

I recently got a decent haul of new things for my bullet journal! I am lucky to have a handful of people in my life who think my existence is worth celebrating so these were all birthday gifts from my beloved friends. 

First off: Toy Story x moleskine note book

It’s blank inside (no grids, lines or dots). I plan to keep doodles in it for reference as well as my collections. Having collections in my actual journal along side my daily/weekly/ monthly spreads was getting too messy and I don’t check my collection pages too often so I think this will be a good system change. The notebook was a very thoughtful surprise gift that I got in the mail with no warning.

(Side bar: would it be too much if I learned how to make gifs so I can insert exact quotes from parks so that the every one can vividly understand my references? Yeah. Hazel. It would be. OK MOVING ON.)

Next up: MILDLINERS. I’ve been drooling about getting these the way Leslie does about birthday cake. I received the whole shebang! All the colors. I must admit that I cackled maniacally when I unwrapped the box and then for a reason beyond my knowing, sniffed the packaging.  Yeah I dunno. They smelled fine, by the way.

Lastly: Washi tape. This is pretty self explanatory but it was basically a super pack of 24 different washi tape. I could wallpaper my room with it. I won’t. But I could.

All that’s left if for me to get my hands on a rhodia notebook. I’m coming for you girl!

xx Hazel

Jammin on my planner


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