Trying Out the Milk Makeup Blur Stick

Hey there Perd-verts!

The Blur Stick from Milk Makeup is a long coveted makeup item that I finally got my hands on. My usual makeup routine is all or nothing. The whole cake or nothing. The whole enchilada or nothing. All the marbles or nothing. You get the point. I am also hungry.  ANYWAYS. I’ve been looking for something low maintenance and minimal for when I don’t want to go full glam but I don’t want people telling me I look tired or to quote my mom, “look like a starved corpse” (WHAT does that even–whatever). The blur stick seemed like the epitome of low maintenance. It doesn’t require a sponge, a brush, or blending– just a (clean) face and hands.


Lets go over some logistics.


  • Silicone free
  • Translucent
  • Minimizes appearances of fine lines and pores
  • Matte Finish
  • Oil Free
  • Used as invisible foundation or as a primer
  • Has blurring microspheres (not sure what thats about but if it works, I aint mad)

First Use:

I wanted to see how it would react on my skin particularly in my very very oily T-zone on its own. My skin is naturally super dry but it seems to turn supes oily when i put on any amount of makeup.

I washed thoroughly, exfoliated, and lightly moisturized my face. Then I swiped the stick all over my face. It hard to know how much to use or how much you already applied because its truly is invisible. Next were my brows. I just took some pencil and light powder to set the pencil. Then a bit of concealer just for the dark circles, and blush.

It looked good! Pores were definitely blurred and the finish was light and matte. I was skeptical about the mattifying properties but….

All in all, I wore the primer for about 6 hours and…still matte!! Makeup was never touched up but it still looked pretty dang fresh. The little crevice on the sides of my nose were getting a little oily but it was undetectable in the mirror.

Second test:

Now that I tested it out as an invisible foundation and it did awesome, I wanted to see it do its thing as a primer!

I wore it under the Milani foundation mixed with the NYX foundation, Rimmel Stay Matte powder to set, Butter Bronzer, Tarte blush and a heap load of the Mario Badescu Rose Water spray.

7 hours later, makeup still looking great! And no shine or stickiness! AWWW YEAH.

It is not a cheap find at all (few pennies and nickels shy of $40 for 1 oz) and I’m not sure how long the stick will last since I can’t quantify how much gets applied each time. For now, I’m happy to have it and it does exactly what it says it will– what more could I ask?

I leave you with some final words of wisdom:

Don’t use the blur stick sample at Sephora. It is gunky and gross and does not belong on your face.





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