Eyeliner is for Chumps

Hey dudettes!

I hate putting on eyeliner so I stopped wearing eyeliner. I aint no chump.

I hate wearing eyeliner and I haven’t had eyeliner as part of my normal routine for about 9 months now. Weirdly enough, it was the first makeup product I used and I used it religiously.

My makeup journey essentially was me adding a new step every few months until I became the cake queen I am today. Eyeliner came in to my life because it seemed like THE thing much like how its all about brows now. It was also allegedly supposed to make your eyes look bigger (which I have mixed opinions about that being true) and apparently that was a good thing.

To make eyeliner visible on my eyes, I have to make it half and inch wide, tail it out, and tightline. I’ve tried liquid, pen, brush tip, pencil, and potted liners. (Brush tip pen liners are the best out of all of them btw– Kat Von D Tattoo Liner.) The process of it was so long and the payoff was minimal. I could spend twenty minutes on eyeliner alone — trying to even out the angle of my wing but the uneven fold of my eye always made then assymetrical and unless I put a crazy amount of liner on, it was invisible when I opened my eyes. Once the liner was visible when my eyes were open, half my lid would be painted in liner so my eyeshadow would be… pardon the pun… overshadowed. It was infuriating. Still, liner remained an essential part of my makeup routine for years because it was the only thing I owned, knew how to apply, and the wet n wild liquid liner cost like $3.

After years of me going through eyeliners like they were nothin’, I was growin realllll tired of it all. I waned down my eye liner usage from a full winged liner, then no wing, then only tightlining. This was an easy decision since the tightline was the only thing that made a difference in making my eyes more defined anyways. The rest of it was just part of the ritual of having a crazy sharp wing that the internet loved but I secretly hated because I felt it made my eyes look smaller. Meanwhile, my eyeshadow skills were getting better and better. Then, I found a mascara that changed my life. The mascara was Mad Lash from the Balm in an Ipsy bag. It was awesome apart from the fact that the packaging isn’t air tight so it dried out super quick. The Mad Lash gave me lift, volume, and curl. I looked like I was wearing a decent pair of falsies without all the bs that goes into wearing falsies (flash lashes is also for chumps but thats mostly because Im bad at applying them and Im jealous of people who can). A good mascara alone did everything I was asking my liner to do for me for three years without much luck. I WAS FREEE. FUCK EYELINER. The tedious painting, getting the spaces between each eye lash, poking my eyeball on accident, uneven wings….I was completely over it.

Fast foward to now, I haven’t touched my liner unless it was a special day worthy of my full on glam. I thought about buying the Mad Lash in the full size but mama wasn’t gonna spend $20 dollars on something that would last a month before drying out and develop an expensive dependency on it. Instead, I found a drug store holy grail in the Maybelline Lash Sensational. It doesn’t provide as much volume, but the curl and lift are bitchin (non- waterproof formula in black).

Makeup has no rules, don’t feel pressured to take part in trends that don’t work for you or that just annoy the shit out of you.


Hazel  aka A Beautiful Musk Ox


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