Bullet Journal Update


I thought I’d share what a typical daily spread in my journal looks like for no reason other than I wanna!

This week was the third week in my Rhodia (eek! It’s amazing!!) Pen ink doesn’t ghost as much as it did in the Moleskine and ink absorbs so much better so theres little smudging! The paper is a bit more yellow and the dots are much darker than in a Moleskine. I got some cute lil doodles and a relatively good representation of a typical week in my journal.

I don’t use a set amount of space for each day. Its something I’ve tried in the past and I didn’t enjoy the rigidity of it and plus, set up was a biiiiitch. Now, I just take up all the space I want with doodles and my to do list without worrying about pagination and spacing. Not every doodle is a winner (looking at the wonky hot air balloon on the left) but hey whatever keeps the anxiety at bay am I right, folks?

FullSizeRender 8.jpg

I used a pilot acroball, a sharpie fineliner, and a butt load of zebra mildliners.

Happy journaling!




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