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You can’t drive a Rolexus simply because thats not what they are for, or perhaps its because they don’t exist. You decide.

Hello and welcome to Hazel’s Rolexus mobile!

My name is Hazel and I’m an LA native with a netflix account and I aint afraid to use it. Currently on the cusp of turning 23, my biggest assets are an encyclopedic knowledge of the show “Parks and Recreation” and glittery gel pens.

No one ever warned me that my early 20’s/ post college life would be this confusing, awkward, and frustrating. I hope this blog will foster an all around “shit me 2” sort of vibe for all my early 20’s peers who know the struggle.


In the spirit of Leslie Knope, I have made a pie chart out lining my personality using the Parks and Rec crew.


xx Hazel